iLight Speculum™ System

iLight Speculum

Say hello to anterior segment surgery enlightened.

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The iLight Illuminator™ is a single-use corneal transilluminator that magnetically attaches to the Surgilūm Speculum™. Together, they form the iLight Speculum™ System, the world’s first self illuminated speculum. The iLight Speculum™ System’s tangential lighting provides anterior segment visual details never seen before with standard microscope lighting. The tangential visualization power of a slit lamp is now available during surgery. Say goodbye to OR microscope light glare and associated retinal phototoxicity. Say hello to an illuminating surgical experience with the iLight Speculum™ System by Surgilūm.

Top Row: Visualized with traditional operating microscope

Ckom Surgilum


Conductive Arrow Surgilum
Eiom Surgilum


Ingrowth Arrow Surgilum
Fbom Surgilum

Foreign Body
under LASIK Flap

Flap Arrow Surgilum
Inom Surgilum


Intacts Arrow Surgilum

Bottom Row: Corneal transillumination with the iLight Speculum™ System

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