“The RoboMarker™ is very easy to use in the pre-op area, and once marked, it makes aligning toric IOLs very easy.”

William Trattler, MD

Center for Excellence in Eye Care, Miami, FL Volunteer Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology at the University of Miami's Bascom Palmer Eye Institute

“RoboMarker’s pre-inked, sterile and disposable tips provide an easy affordable way of marking the axis for your Toric lens implants with 100% accuracy. They give you the confidence that your mark is exactly online as well as saving valuable OR time. I would strongly recommend them to anyone offering Toric premium lenses to their patients.”

Frederick L Bruening, MD

Park Eye & Surgi-Center, Flint, MI

“Quick, easy, aligns regardless of how it is held.”

Emily Velotta, MD

Northern Illinois Eye Clinic, Mundelein, IL

“This is the best Toric Marker I have ever used”

Clay D Holley, MD

Rocky Mountain Eye Center, Missoula, MT

“Every resident has wondered if the mark they placed is in the right place. The RoboMarker makes this critical step more accurate and efficient. All programs would benefit from having such a great tool available for their residents! Just what the doctor ordered!!”

Khoa Pham, MD

Resident at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, New York, NY

“There is nothing more nerve wracking for a resident then getting through the case and then being uncertain about alignment for the toric. I did torics before we got the RoboMarker® and half the time I had to mark a few times because of the clumsiness of the ring and then didn’t know which one was correct! And on top of that I would watch the ink wash away from the axis during the case. Now with the RoboMarker® I used just today, I feel confident the placement is spot on due to the ease of using the RoboMarker® and it remains throughout the case!”

Kathleen Oktavec, MD

Resident at Columbia University Medical Center, New York, NY

“The ink marks are FAR Superior to using a regular toric marker with surgical marking pen.”

Stephen Phipps, MD

Eye Associates of Northern New England, St. Johnsbury, VT

“It’s accurate.”

Robert H Gushard, MD

Gushard Medical and Surgical Eye Care, Franklin, MA

“Smooth sailing, I love the ease of use, less time, single step and disposable tips.”

Robert J. Fucigna, MD

Advanced Ophthalmology of Connecticut

“I find the RoboMarker to be very accurate for in-office LRIs – For example, if the LRI is to be 30 degrees at axis 180, I set the RoboMarker at +15 degrees, mark, and then reset at 165 degrees and place second marks there. Then I can cut my LRIs exactly centered on my axis (180) and to the extent I want. It’s a great time saver.”

Gerald P Clarke, MD

OptiVision Eye Care, Oshkosh, WI