“The RoboMarker is advancement in the surgical planning of astigmatism correction. The intelligent balance takes the guesswork out of your alignment and is intuitive to use.”

George O Waring IV, MD
Magill Vision Center, Charleston, SC Assistant Professor of Ophthalmology and Director of Refractive Surgery at the Medical University of South Carolina’s Storm Eye Institute

“The RoboMarker saves time in the OR.”

Michael Behforouz, MD
Midwest Center for Sight, Carmel, IN

“When marking the axis for surgery, I need something that’s accurate, quick, and easy. The RoboMarker is all of these in a package that fits in the chest pocket of my scrubs.”

Dax Hawkins, MD
Surgical Eye Care, Wilmington, NC

“Having marked toric patients at the slit lamp for years, I thought I was doomed to personally making my quickly fading alignment marks forever. With RoboMarker, my surgical staff can quickly and accurately mark my patients while I am in the operating room. When the patient is under the microscope – the alignment marks are always sharp and accurate. My results – they are better than ever. Thank you Surgilūm.”

Jeffrey Whitman, MD
Key-Whitman Eye Center, Dallas, TX

“When astigmatism correction is needed to make a difference in outcomes, the RoboMarker makes a difference in the axis alignment.”

Ron Krueger, MD
Cleveland Clinic - Cole Eye Institute, Cleveland, OH

“Over the years we’ve tried virtually everything out there to identify the axis of astigmatism and nothing has worked as well as the RoboMarker. The RoboMarker is very easy to use and exceptionally accurate. The marks last through the procedure and not only show the planned axis but serve as a great reference point to identify the actual axis of the implanted lens. This is particularly valuable when repositioning a toric lens that may have shifted slightly during viscoelastic removal. Love the product.”

Nicholas R. Rader, MD
Indiana Eye Clinic, Greenwood, IN

“Smooth sailing, I love the ease of use, less time, single step and disposable tips.”

Robert J. Fucigna, MD
Advanced Ophthalmology of Connecticut

“RoboMarker is the most accurate way to mark for intended toric axis alignment prior to toric IOL and/or astigmatic corneal incision surgery due to its automatic cyclotorsion adjustment.”

Mitchell A Jackson
Jackson Eye, Chicago, IL

“Every resident has wondered if the mark they placed is in the right place. The RoboMarker makes this critical step more accurate and efficient. All programs would benefit from having such a great tool available for their residents! Just what the doctor ordered!!”

Khoa Pham, MD
Resident at New York Eye and Ear Infirmary of Mount Sinai, New York, NY

“The light fixation and ease of use is the best feature of the RoboMarker.”

Jonathan D Solomon, MD
Bowie Vision Institute, Bowie, MD