Surgilūm is proud to offer intelligent surgical solutions to speed the learning curve of today’s intricate anterior segment surgeries to young eye surgeons across the US with our Residency Initiative. Surgilūm’s outreach through residency programs began in 2016, when several surgeons, affiliated with some of our nation’s top programs discovered not only the accuracy, but the ease of use that Surgilūm products brought to astigmatism management. The RoboMarker system, named “One of the Top Innovations in Cataract Surgery” was introduced to the Wilmer Eye Institute, Columbia University, and New York Eye and Ear Infirmary; these became part of our pilot program. The RoboMarker is now in programs across the country, giving residents an easier, more streamlined and accurate approach to corneal marking for Toric IOLs, LRIs, Femtosecond laser alignment (for both Visible Spectrum and Infrared platforms), and LASIK procedures.

The RoboMarker’s ease of use is derived from its ‘first-in-class’ features. Self-leveling, with an integrated fixation light, and sterile single use pre-formulated tips, yield linear marks directly on the desired axis that remain crisp and don’t wash away for up to 2 hours. Young surgeons gain the confidence that they need, knowing that their marks will remain through out the duration of their procedure.

All Surgilūm products are designed, developed, and manufactured in the USA and are FDA approved