Surgilūm at the AAO 2018 Chicago Meeting

Great outcomes lead to happy patients

1) Accurate – laser tested to +/- 1 degree
“Our ASC has been using the RoboMarker for over a year and it has drastically improved our accuracy for the placement of toric lensees. This technology has greatly reduced our incidents of IOL reposition.” 
— Sarah Wilson, RN | Shasta Eye Medical Group

2) Efficient – single step corneal marking
“Having marked toric patients at the slit lamp for years, I thought I was doomed to personally making my quickly fading alignment marks forever. With RoboMarker, my surgical staff can quickly and accurately mark my patients while I am in the operating room. When the patient is under the microscope – the alignment marks are always sharp and accurate. My results — they are better than ever. Thank you Surgilūm.”
— Jeffrey Whitman, MD | Key-Whitman Eye Center, TX

3) Convenient – precision that fits in your scrub pocket
“When marking the axis for surgery, I need something that’s accurate, quick, and easy. The RoboMarker is all of these in a package that fits in the chest pocket of my scrubs.”
— Dax Hawkins, MD | Surgical Eye Care, NC

4) Cost Effective – saves up to 5 minutes per case
“I could have done 3.5 cases in the time I wasted marking before switching to the RoboMarker!”
— Jim Loden, MD | Loden Vision Center

AAO Chicago, Booth# 1946

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